Our Services


A good automation project starts with writing a good specification . It is an advantage if people working in the world of automation do this. Therefore it is also one of the activities of AURATI.

Reprogramming and / or optimization of existing installations

A well-structured program is not only useful in the design of the installation , but also for later modifications. Nevertheless, in every company you still find examples of programs in which only the original programmer finds his way. AURATIoffers you the opportunity to optimize and if necessary to rewrite your own programs in order to be able to adjust existing programs.


A good analysis of the process before the start of the actual programming is the key to a smooth completion of a project. This includes the establishment of a standard model and a concept / design of the entire program.

It is our merit not only to do the start up of our own program, but also to do the same with pieces not written by AURATI . Thanks to our experience , the commissioning can be a success across the board.
Drafting configurations

Since development is hard to maintain and systems change rapidly, drawing up a configuration requires special skills and this belongs to our activities.

Follow up

In order to work as effeciently as possible after the start up, we enter into an agreement with the customer to observe the installation for a certain period and if necessary to propose solutions through software modifications.

Writing process descriptions
We succeeded several times in symplifying a complicated production process in order to help an automation engineer, this to the satisfaction of our customers. For this purpose we are supported by specialized teams.
Consultancy, advice and training

We can also offer our vast experience for consultancy and advisory purposes : project management or supervision of the entire project , determining strategies and visions for the future and providing training and courses.


Programming new systems can be realised with our standards and with software present in your company. Changes and additions to existing facilities, whether or not already programmed by us, are possible.